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In Lift Studios Broadcast 015 Andrew Short and Graham Meisner join LiFT’s own Frederick Brummer in the studio to talk about the recent Square Waves electronic music festival. Square Waves is the brainchild of a group of Vancouver-based electronic musicians who wanted to create a forum for like-minded artists to present their work. The festival consisted of two events, the first took place at the Sinking Ship, and the second at the Vancouver Public Library.

Sinking Ship Line-up


Bees on Fire

two deceptively agile nitwitsyoutube


avant funk ensemble

The Shadow and its Shadow

3 piece improv/noise/free rock ensemble performs improvised scores to surrealist and experimental short films

prOphecy sun

prOphecy sun is an installation and performance artist who and has a passion in shared community practices, with an emphasis on the body in dialogue with the community at large.

Julian Gosper

dueling monosynths

The Hermetic Seals

Music improvised to the Fischli and Weiss film “The Way Things Go”.


Hyper-Kinetic Percussion

Julianne-Claire, site-specific installation

As a site-specific artist, Julianne-Claire accentuates entry points to unspoken conversations; the intermediary spaces of memory, reference, and all other locations of internal reflection and projection; where a vivid fascination with connection points, cosmology, and the structural and ideological constructions of space and identity form ideas into physical embodiment.

Vancouver Public Library Line-up


Soressa Gardner

Soressa collaborates with novelists and poets, setting their words to electronic soundscapes or songs, as the material demands. For Squarewaves, Soressa will perform two pieces: Kaspoit! by Dennis E. Bolen is a novel of the times, told in the language of the times. It is a pure exploration of the ‘banality of evil’, chilling and outrageous. Homecoming and Heart Monitor by Evie Christie is a collection of poems that “traverse the difficult distance between far-flung places in the province of love” (Paul Vermeerch)

Not Sent Letters

Graham Meisner and Jeremy Todd will be performing ‘Not Sent Letters’, a spoken word piece with live electronica and video projections.

Jacobson’s Organ

A female trio that experiments with homemade analogue synths.
The audio geography will have the potential range from painfully quiet to pleasurably raucous.

prOphecy sun with Dance Troupe Practice

prOphecy sun is an installation and performance artist who and has a passion in shared community practices, with an emphasis on the body in dialogue with the community at large.

Dance Troupe Practice (DTP) produces new works that combine dance, sound, media and voice. DTP was formed with a philosophy that explores the border zones between dance and life. The group is committed to the deep exploration of each individual’s dancing body, and the formation of new works through collective process.

Vedic Space Program

Andrew Short performing a set of electronics and samples with a theme on the evolution of the universe. Vedic Space Program uses found sounds and electronics.

Stimulus Package

kristen roos & walter bloodway : live loops no laptops.

Spectrum Interview

Utilizing a combination of analog and digital synthesizers, electro acoustics, and random galactic interference, Spectrum Interview creates an immersive environment of micro-tonal industrial noise, coloured with exotic plumes of melodic charm.

Additional References:

The Way Things Go by Swiss artists Peter Fischli and David Weiss.
Heaven and Earth Magic by Harry Smith

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