Brand experience

LiFT has extensive experience with branding and corporate identity. We work with clients to develop, design, and implement unique, meaningful, and memorable branding experiences. From logo design to web design, letterheads and brochures, and even kiosks and events, LiFT can help you connect with your audience.

We believe that the entire experience is shaped by the strength of the brand identity. We’ve had tough conversation early on in several projects where we have to assess the strength of the brand in place and recommend that we refine it before moving forward with the rest of our process in designing and delivering experiences. Sosido, MaqueApp, and Canadian Bookshelf are a few examples of this. Here’s a list of the more recent branding work we’ve done:

Branding projects:

Canadian Bookshelf
Slurpee Remix
Vitamin Daily
Namaste Publishing
Caroline Gislason