Marketing Through Social Media Workshop

Written by Haig | July 11th, 2010 | slidedeck

Like last year I was asked to instruct the Marketing Through Social Media workshop for Simon Fraser University’s Summer Publishing Series. I had the pleasure of having Todd Sieling of Corvus Consulting and Albert Loy – Lift’s strategist join me this year.

The workshop was structured in 4 main components, here are the presentations for each:

An introduction to Social Media

By Haig Armen
Download Introduction Slidedeck 467Kb

The Strategic Plan

by Todd Sieling
Download Strategy Slidedeck 5.1Mb

The Channels of Social Media

by Haig Armen
Download Channels Slidedeck 492Kb

Measuring your efforts

by Todd Sieling
Download Measuring Social Media Slidedeck 5.1Mb

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2 responses to “Marketing Through Social Media Workshop”

  1. Great workshop. I am ready to dive into social media with more confidence, and the ability to be more strategic about it. Thanks!

  2. haig says:

    you are welcome Michele,
    It was a pleasure having a great vibrant group of folks so curious about the social web.

    Let me know how your social media strategy goes.