About LiFT Studios

Lift is an award-winning,
multi-disciplinary design firm

with expertise in product strategy, interaction and communication design. Our team is comprised of experts in the field, who are passionate about design, interactivity and arts at large. Our track record is solid – delivering solutions that combine innovative design with easy-to-use functionality built on reliable technologies.

LiFT Studios has over twenty-five
years of combined experience.

Founded in 2007 by Haig Armen, a designer with 14 years of experience creating strategies and designing and developing innovative projects, LiFT has rapidly expanded into a multi-disciplinary team of interaction design experts.

LiFT is an independent creative design
and digital agency

that has worked with a wide range of clients including: Red Cross, 7-Eleven, Vancouver Olympics, Namaste Publishing, Bang-On T-shirts, University of British Columbia and have collected a few awards along the way.

LiFT lives and breathes
interaction design

and our business strategy demonstrates this. We offer high quality design expertise while simultaneously investing our time in ongoing research and development, working to innovate within the field of user experience and continually giving back and working to better our community of practice. This commitment to innovation ultimately benefits our clients—ensuring not just workable solutions, but solutions that provide memorable and meaningful experiences.