Make Marketing

LiFT Studios designed and built a unique online experience for the new integrated marketing firm Make Marketing. The experience needed to convey that the Make team understands great web design as that is one of the components in their integrated service offering. When LiFT first dug into gathering the requirements for this project we heard that their team wanted a website that had a memorable and unique approach that had strong impact both visually and textually.


This project had three main aspects to its success criteria:

  1. High quality design standards
  2. Unique User Experience
  3. Client can manage content easily


As Make is a newly launched company their portfolio was small, with a few examples of work that the team members had worked on as MustBe Marketing prior to Make Marketing, ths resource by Salesforce will tell you more about it.

User Experience + Design

One of the first things that we collaborated with Make on was mood-boards, we gathered imagery and collaged a number of boards together that allowed us to identify and combine some important emerging themes. This method is a common part of our process and helps us hone in on the art direction with the client.

we explored ideas that allowed user to browse the Make site with simple swiping gestures.

The user experience was established collaboratively with a number of LiFT team members sketching and talking at a whiteboard, drawing up wireframes and photoshop mockups. The Make team requested that LiFT consider the iPad experience for their new site. And although we generally build websites that are device-independent and respond appropriately in a number of browsing experiences, we explored ideas that allowed user to browse the Make site with simple swiping gestures:

  • a horizontal swipe – takes you into content that is related and adjacently placed
  • a vertical swipe – takes you to other topics that are vertically placed in rows on the home page.

The visual design component was being created in unison to the UX as the visual content for the site—like any photography or typographic treatments—would play an important part of the visual impact.


The Make Marketing site had to be build with a content management system like many of our other web projects. The decision of which CMS to use was made easy by the Make team’s familiarity with WordPress. Although the graphical user interface for the Make site could have been built in quite a few other CMS systems, using WordPress was an obvious choice.


Make Marketing is ecstatic with the results of this project and have passed along a great deal of positive feedback that the site has received since its launch. We’d like to thank Make for being such a great collaborative client and look forward to working on many future projects together.