Digital Narrative

Storytelling is an indelible factor in every project. If there’s no story then how is the product or service compelling? Why would anyone care to make time in their life for it? We combine the user experience design objectives and work with you to uncover and harness deeper levels of your narrative as it’s applied to both digital mediums and those beyond digital, we work with the best strategies.

Editorial design

The process of designing around content – is most commonly associated with magazines, but LiFT relies on editorial design methodologies for each project we do. Content is king and we take a content facing approach to our projects. We’re always looking at the balance between the quantity, quality, navigation and delivery of content to best support what is commonly referred to as the narrative of your project.

Rich Media

Designing content isn’t limited to words. Obvious, right? There’s a reason that ‘A picture is worth a thousand words’ has become clich├Ęd. Visual, audio and spatial design provide that additional layer of emotion and context to the story to create deeper meaning in the editorial components. Believe it or not many of our team members are media artists and musicians as well as designers. We have professional experience in the production of music, video, film, installations, and radio broadcasts. Our Vancouver studio has facilities for the production and delivery of all kinds of rich media including:

Data visualization
Info graphics
Audio + video production
Podcast / Videocast design + production
…and much more.

Our studio facilities include audio recording and mixing, HD video production, a full size green-screen studio with lighting, multiple screens, and projectors.