Our Services

LiFT is an independent creative design and digital agency that looks beyond digital mediums. What’s that mean to you? It’s simple. We design and build for a number of devices and environments including web, mobile, print, touchscreen kiosks, and physical spaces such as runways and museums. We strive to create a compelling and appropriate narrative around your project that delivers the right balance of content at the right time to the right person. We’ll look at your business with you to understand the strategy, evaluate your content and work with it to make it even stronger as we work through the design process.

We can get a bit fancy in how we talk about what we do so to save you the trouble we’ve kept it simple and to the point so far. We feel that our work stands on it’s own in terms of what you get at the end of your project, but for those that want a deeper dive you can read about our detailed approach and some sample deliverables by clicking on one of the below service categories.

Planning + Strategy

Know your user. Know the goal. / please hold. we’re writing! /

User Experience Design

Research based, Goal-oriented & elegant.

Digital Narrative

Content is king!

Brand Experience

unique, meaningful and memorable branding experiences.


We’re not just designers. we build stuff too!