Caroline + Gislason

Joanna Gislason initially approached Haig to design the Caroline + Gislason website, but after the first meeting it became clear that their progressive law firm needed brand identity design.


Beginning with the brand identity, LiFT helped Caroline + Gislason articulate value statements and a brand description to guide the design and development of a logo, a website, and print collateral such as business cards and letterhead. For Caroline + Gislason brand identity we proposed a simple clean typographic approach with a bold colour scheme.

Research + Strategy

When we set out to design an interesting interface for the website one of the more significant problems was that their content was all textual. We needed a way to accompany the text with imagery that was both interesting & relevant. We took a visit to the local library and researched archived newspaper photography from major human rights events in British Columbia and Canadian history. Our team designed site mockups with historic images across the top of the layouts that align with the firm’s work in labour law, employment law and human rights litigation.