Imagine a digital mirror that is broken, reflecting back a skewed image of you and your thoughts. This is MIRROR.

Since 2002 Haig has been working with Thomas Anselmi on MIRROR – a truly multimedia experience with no set home in images or sound. Instead it is a combination of the visual and the aural, images set to music and music set to images. A non-linear exercise in collaboration, Haig has been a composer and arranger, helping Tom shape his songs and find instrumentation.

Experience Design

The result transcends the linearity of a traditional album. Haig’s early experiments with fullscreen video and integration with WordPress marries the web, instrumentation, visuals and lyrics in harmony without overwhelming the landscape or creating clutter. Lyrics ticker tape across the bottom of the screen, accompanied by the generated audio and video, and not a pixel of space or layer of meaning is lost or under utilized. MIRROR is slick, polished and no experience is like any previous.

The Result

Every experience of MIRROR is unique, as the site automatically generates a new playlist of video and audio. Built on WordPress, MIRROR is a predecessor of LiFT 2.0, using ecommerce functionality to sell the album online, which has lead to success in terms of sales. This is also LiFT’s first time working with Amazon’s s3 as a storage solution, and the successes of MIRROR can be seen developed further here on LiFT 2.0.