Written by Haig | September 17th, 2009 | LiFT TV

On Lift Studios Broadcast 019 I spoke with my old friend Anthony Baird in Toronto via Skype. Our conversation mainly revolves around the subject of Film-editing and how it relates to new media and design. Anthony spoke a little bit about the type of work he’s been up to lately and how having constraints or limits of film footage can become an opportunity for stylistic innovation. We shared our notes of a few of our biggest influences and talked about how they could apply to the LiFT Studios Broadcasts.

Walter Murch
Walter Murch editing Apocalpse Now

To say that Walter Murch is well-known in the film industry is a bit of an understatement. He has been recognized for many achievements over his 40 year career including Oscars for both Apocalypse Now and The English Patient. Anthony recommended I read Murch’s In the Blink of an Eye (2001), which I ended up reading after really enjoying Michael Ondaatje’s The Conversations (2002). Both books inspired me a great deal.

Check out his page on wikipedia and find out more about the films he’s help make at his IMDB page.

Errol Morris
Errol Morris Discusses a shot in Auschwitz Birkenau Death Camp, Poland

If you’ve watched any of our other Lift Studios Broadcasts, you’ll know that we are big fans of Errol Morris. But we thought we’d dig into some of the reasons why he is such an innovator in the field of documentary film making. We spend a bit of time explaining how the Interrotron works and why it’s so effective.

Have a look at Errol Morris’ website, there’s some interesting things there and don’t forgot to look at the trailers to some of the videos we spoke about. href=”http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OPu0chBQeUk”>First Person – Hell of a Flight
Fast, Cheap and Out of Control.

Here are some of the other podcasts that Anthony mentions:

Thanks Anthony for the great talk. We’re looking forward to having you be a guest editor for an episode of LSB

2 responses to “Editing with Anthony K. Baird”

  1. Great talking to you, old friend.
    Why didn’t you tell me my head was so big!
    Hitchcock would have been proud you cut out the boring bits.

  2. Thanks for the chat old friend & taking out the boring bits thus resulting in a massive expansion of my head.
    (love the big flash look & the ability to interact as you listen)

    Other cool podcast for film geeks: Filmcast, Creative Cow Adobe After Effects Tutorials, Edit Bay Podcast