Written by cam | November 27th, 2009 | LiFT TV

This week on LSB we interview Kerry Morrison about his thoughts on social media. Our chat covers many aspects of social media and how we are using them. The genesis of this discussion was a blog article that Kerry wrote a few weeks ago, which I found really insightful and full of forward thinking on social media and how we are using it to market our clients.

You can find all sorts of interesting details about Kerry and the fabulous work he does, on his website reasonid.com

You can find this post at Kerry’s blog www.kmore.net

Kerry was kind enough to share his thoughts with us on this edition of LSB.

We are very much interested in hearing your side of the story! Tell us what you think of this podcast and Kerry’s thoughts on social media using the comment form below.

2 responses to “Kerry Morrison: More or Less”

  1. Nice conversation, fly on the wall style.
    These are the type of professionals that I like to creatively cooperate with on projects.

    Constructive criticisms, more visuals would be good for a video podcast

  2. cam says:

    @Anthony K Baird

    Thanks very much for the kind words and constructive criticism. I would have loved to get in some more visuals but unfortunately my time was really limited this week as I have been put under the weather with a back injury from a car accident.

    We are constantly working to improve the LSB series, so any constructive criticism is fully appreciated.

    Hope you are enjoying LSB so far!!