Written by frederick | November 20th, 2009 | LiFT TV

This week on Lift Studios Broadcast 028 we continue our series on Interaction Design (.”IxD.”) with guest Alex Grunenfelder. Alex didn’t tell me this during our interview, but a little bit of Googling reveals that he’s recently won a Canadian Online Publishing Award for overall best design for his work on the Tyee. Alex is also a founding member of the
Vancouver Design Nerds, “a network of collaborating designers and artists who share a desire to engage design opportunities with a spirit of creative play and to challenge the normative environment of the city.”

During our talk Alex delves deep into the subject of IxD, covering everything from the convergence of products and services to the post-Orwellian commoditization of public space and private experience. If that’s not enough to fill your plate, Alex goes on to suggest how IxD could bring about a future “Garden of Heavenly Delights” where human creativity is harnessed through games.

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