Written by frederick | July 10th, 2009 | LiFT TV

In this week’s LiFT Studios Broadcast, we talk about our approach to the theme music we produced for Speak Easy, the new podcast from D&M Publishers. Our conversation focuses on the production process and the relationship between graphic and sound design.

LiFT has been working both visually and sonically with D&M Publishers. In terms of graphic design, a new home page and podcast design identity is in the works, but what really has us excited is a chance to use our musical skills in tandem with a great client. Developing the audio brand for D&M presents unique challenges that we are happy to tackle, and hopefully this is a specialty of Lift’s that can be developed and harnessed in the future for more projects similar to this. This new work is yet to go live, but keep an eye on the D&M site in the coming weeks to watch and listen to the transformation as it happens.

Special thanks to Jen Van Evra for all her help with producing the new Speak Easy podcast, and to Travis Nicholson, the “invisible hand” behind the Speak Easy visual brand and cameraman for this week’s LSB as well.