Connecting directly to RPi

One of the first things you do with a Raspberry Pi is connect it to a wifi or ethernet network but what if you don’t have an…

Wifi my Pi

Over the week I’m working on two current areas of practical research for Mineblock. The first has to do with one of the biggest gotchas of working…

Errol Morris’s Interrotron

Recently I read an article in a FLM magazine by Errol Morris called “13 Questions and Answers on the Filmmaking of Errol Morris“. For years…

Alan Kay Looks Into Tennis Lessons

Recently on our podcast with Mike Bernard I told the story of how usability killed John Denver. If you haven’t heard it, click here. I…

Knowshow Projections

LiFT was proud to be a part of Know At Night, an after party and fashion show put on by KnowShow, Canada’s largest lifestyle tradeshow. LiFT was asked to produce some visuals to go along with the fashion show. The set designer had come up with a great idea for the stage, which was to convert it into a scaled down city skyline. Having such a solid concept and team made this project a breeze.

Choosing a CMS

The open source space offers the wide array of choices making it pretty difficult to choose the right solution.

Web hosting evaluation criteria

After 10 years of hunting for the right web hosting service I’ve complied a criteria to help evaluate these services. The following list includes the most important aspects to look at when evaluating hosting services.

Working with CCSP

One of the focal points of the new site will be an innovative navigation system, presenting navigation items in the context of a written paragraph. We fell right in love with this idea, as it tickled our typographic senses!

AS3: Deeper down the rabbit hole

I have continued to delve deeper and deeper into the world of ActionScript 3.0 and in the process have developed some rather fun components.

Journey into Actionscript 3.0

I recently began to explore the world of ActionScript 3.0, which has helped me to further develop a new, more object oriented approach to developing flash applications.