Written by cam | January 8th, 2010 | LiFT TV

This week on LSB the LiFT team takes a few minutes to review the successes and shortcomings of LSB in 2009. We discuss some of our favorite moments from the past 32 episodes of LSB and offer a sincere thank you to everyone involved. We are also focused on putting out an open call for our viewers to join the discussion and contribute their thoughts and ideas to LSB. To interact with the LiFT team you can reach us through many different channels such as:




Or by using the comment form below

Thanks again from the entire LiFT team for helping make LSB such a success.

One response to “2009 Year in Review”

  1. Like the time limitation in the creation concept you talk about in pt 1.
    In the digital age things get over produced & I agree that the net is immediate and being relevant is better than being polished. Also, sometimes “Happy Mistakes” organically occur.

    Ironically, this style gets back to the E.N.G. style broadcasting. (Q-tip explains it best when he rapped about it and said “…the way Bobby Brown amping (sounds) like Michael” -Excursion

    Keep up the good podcasting