Stella Glass

When LiFT was first approached to design the new Stella Glass Hardware website we knew very little about the technical specifications and complexity around the craft of Glass hardware. Yet after working hard to dig into the research for their targeted audience, LiFT was able to understand the concerns and requirements of the target site visitors and we were able to map out a number of use cases for a new website.

A bit about process

The LiFT team worked in collaboration with the MustBe Marketing (now MAKe Marketing) team to create a smooth consistent user experience for acquisition of information, consultation and quotes by Stella. Our user scenarios called for an effortless navigation between the site’s project case studies, glass systems and hardware detail pages, and “calls to action” to receive support or consultation by a Stella expert.

This project was a joy to work on for our whole team, we thoroughly enjoyed the back and forth collaboration with the Stella team, who was equally engaged in creating a great user experience on their new site.

The result

Was an immense improvement from their previous site, a strong foundational Content Management System (Drupal) to build an eCommerce expansion onto and an internal team that is thrilled to be able to edit and create new content on their site at their will.