Typography for the Web

Written by Haig | March 5th, 2009 | slidedeck

Recently I was asked to do a talk on Typography for the Web to the students at Langara’s Electronic Media Design. A lot of people have come to call themselves web designers from various disparate channels and many have little to no formal training in typography. The discipline of type setting is one I have been constantly honing over the 15 years that I’ve worked as a designer. I still haven’t reached the bottom of this deep well.

As an interaction designer I have an even more focused interest in how type plays out on computer screens and projections. Compared with the printed word our eyes have a very different reaction to type on a screen.

I prepared a 130 slide presentation for the lecture, download the complete PDF here.

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One response to “Typography for the Web”

  1. Kathleen says:

    Thanks for taking the class, Haig! The class was really inspired by your talk about typography, and I know they also enjoyed the demo on building grids in PhotoShop. These two go hand in hand, and I knew you would really spark their interest in the subject!

    Pints on me!