Trends in content landscape

Written by Haig | March 12th, 2008 | articles

Here are some notes from a talk by Todd O’Neil at the CCI conference.

Simplicity wins
– 2.0 is expanding and accelerating
– Interactive openness with users and communities
– Very simple yet structured content
– Uncontrolled growth

Complexity endures
– Enterprise applications are becoming content aware
– Integration of content is accelerating
– Applications are feeding on content streams (channels need to be standardized)
– Too Much Markup (getting in the way of creating content, forces a reliance on unfamiliar unusable tools, adds a level of complexity to publishing)
– Not Enough Markup (some content demands precision, as more content is delivered to applications, authors need guidance

Good News
– Demand for content is expanding rapidly

Bad News
– The complexity confronted by authors and editors
– People trained in content publishing often have technology barriers)

The Tools are hard to use
– Why? Because the complexity can not be simplified

DITA – Darwin Information Typing Architecture
– Providing flexibility for publishing frameworks
– Adaptability in each area provides implementers with great flexibility wen building and most importantly, adapting solutions.
– Shelf life!

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