Clive talks about Pixton 2.0

Written by Haig | February 12th, 2010 | LiFT TV

A couple of weeks ago I had the pleasure of having Clive Goodinson of over for a talk. Normally our conversations tend to be all over the map, ranging from practical advice to whatever seems to be inspiring us. For this conversation we chose to focus on the latest release of Pixton, a comic strip creating web application that Clive and his wife Dana have been dedicating their time to for the past few years.

Some of the notable features that Clive demos are the newest drawing functions, and the ability to save “Prop sets” – packaged objects. Additionally we touch on the new features for Pixton Pro and Pixton for Business.

Technically Speaking
The second half of the conversation concentrates on the technical implementation of the Pixton site. Clive talks a bit about the Flash to database communication via AMFPHP and Flash to Javascript using External.interface.

I’d like to thank Clive for coming in and wish him luck on his move from Vancouver.