Written by Haig | October 23rd, 2009 | LiFT TV

Defining Interaction Design
Some of you may be rolling your eyes – ‘not another talk about what Interaction Design is, enough already!”. The subject of defining Interaction Design is still a very important topic, after all, if you ask three designers, you get three different answers. No wonder most people give blank stares when I tell them I’m an interaction designer. Interaction Design as a trade needs to have an agreed-upon language and definition to be seen as a viable career and service to the world outside of itself. That’s why we’ve begun to gather definitions from people that do the same type of work that we do – Interaction Design (otherwise known as User Experience Design).

On LSB024 this week we sit down and have a few drinks with three Vancouver designers about their thoughts on defining Interaction Design and a explaining a typical day in the life of an Interaction Designer. I’d like to thank Dave Shea, Todd Sieling and Kathleen Moynahan for being candid and speaking with me, Haig Armen and sharing their point of view.

This process of documenting talks about Interaction Design has another purpose other than our LiFT Studios Broadcast. We are submitting many of the best ones to the IxDA 10 conference in.

If you feel you have a strong opinion about what Interaction Design is, drop me an email haig(at)liftstudios.ca. Maybe we can have a skype call to put you on the next broadcast in this series. I’m serious!