Written by Haig | October 15th, 2009 | LiFT TV

For Broadcast 023 I had a talk with Dasz Garncarz, an accomplished interaction designer with a coding background. We dove into some of his past experiences and how he spends a typical day. Dasz shares some of his insights in the design process, specifically about staying agile and iterative.

Although Dasz currently works on a wide variety of interaction design projects, it’s no secret about where his real passion lies. Dasz has a serious long term obsession for synthesizers and creating electronic music on the fly. This ‘live PA’ style of improvised music requires a high level of proficiency on a synthesizer and sequencer and relies on more than just preset sounds and loops.

Dasz and I talk about what lessons can be carried over from synth design to application and web design and visa versa.

We finish our conversation with a few ideas about where synthesis may be heading in the future and some thoughts about networking software.

What do you think the future of synthesis is? We’d love to hear your thoughts.