Written by andrea | July 31st, 2009 | LiFT TV

In the twelfth episode of LiFT Studios Broadcasts, Andrea Mignolo sits down with Chris Stone to discuss his background in design, his experiments with the Open Source design community, his role in founding and being a local leader of the Vancouver branch of the Interaction Design Association, and design and development work flows in agile settings.

During the talk Chris’ mic went out, so we apologize that the audio has a bit more echo than usual.

For more about Chris check out his Nitobi blog or follow him on twitter.

One response to “Experiments in Open Source Design”

  1. […] Over at LiFT Studios I’m learning the art of patience. During the course of recording and producing an interview with Chris Stone – UX designer at Nitobi and local IxDA leader – I was assaulted on all sides by angry deities of technology. From the imps that sucked the batteries dry (thanks guys, Chris’ mic died 15 minutes into the interview) to the demons that inhabit HandBrake, everything that could possibly go wrong did. It wasn’t until late Friday evening that the podcast finally came online, and it wasn’t until Monday morning that I realized no one could watch the video because of wonky permissions settings. In the end I learned a lot (mostly about what not to do) and despite the trip-ups along the way the end product is definitely watchable – Chris has amazing insight and experience in the field of UX and you’d be doing yourself a disservice if you didn’t check it out. […]