Written by Haig | May 5th, 2009 | LiFT TV

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Lift Studios Broadcast is a weekly podcast published by Lift Studios. This podcast is meant to be an experimental hotbed of content production and distribution, featuring topics ranging from interactive design to user experience, music to social media, sustainability to open source. LSB hopes to be an entertaining, educational and informative source for designers, geeks and those interested in the inter-disciplinary fields of art, design and interactive technology.

In our first official LSB, Cameron Lee and Haig Armen take the opportunity to discuss LiFTs first year in business, one of the larger projects, Obakkis web shop and open source eCommerce framework Magento.

Obakki is an international design house that addresses a shifting attitude towards fashion. Their collection offers women clothing that is utterly feminine yet bold while the men’s collection is understated, rugged and masculine. Obakki clothing has been recognized in numerous publications and is distributed in over 50 stores across North America. LiFT Studios designed and built ‘s web shop. We leveraged open source technology Magento to build the multi-currency ecommerce system with what we think are some pretty good results.

2 responses to “Using Magento”

  1. Brodiek says:

    I see you have a site for the iPhone, which is great, but I can’t access your podcasts from the phone. Think that’s fixable guys?

  2. haig says:

    hi Brodie,
    Sorry about the inconvenience. I’m aware of this problem and can definitely fix it. there’s other things that are a bit more urgent right now but I’ll let you know when it’s fixed.