Elements of Neighborhood

Written by cam | March 28th, 2008 | articles

Elements of Neighborhood
LiFT is proud to announce that we have begun work on the Elements of Neighborhood site. Elements of Neighborhood is being developed for the UBC research group N-Labs, which focuses on land use data gathered from real-world locations. This project has come about as a result of Haig and Cameron’s efforts on the UBC SALA site last year. Working closely with the N-Labs team Lift has begun the initial phases of development working in what has been coined as the ‘problem definition’ phase.

The Elements of Neighborhood project is a fairly complicated one, with many different facets of the site and large quantities of numerical and graphic data to display. In other words, an interactive designers dream come true! We have steadily been building momentum with this project, and it currently feels as if we are just about ready to dive headlong into developing this web-app. A big thank you to the N-Labs team for all their efforts and collaboration along the way!

More to come soon on this exciting new project!

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