One of the projects we worked on was a site for the Canadian Red Cross. The Canadian Red Cross is a non-profit organization operating nationally and internationally in wide ranging efforts, from providing relief in war zones and disaster affected areas, to running youth education programs across Canada. One of these programs is the RespectED program, which since 1984 has helped over 1 million adults and youth understand and prevent the tragic cycle of violence and abuse.

LiFT Studios had been tasked with taking this program and utilizing the internet to present this information on a new accessible platform. This was aimed at making the program accessible to a new generation of youth across Canada.


The new RespectED site is aimed at the youth market and features lively dynamic polls and quizzes, aimed at building a new youth community around this immensely successful program. LiFT recognized early on that in Canada the youth market is one that is especially tech-savvy and also very discerning with their online activities. As such, we have made every effort to keep the design away from the slick, contrived look and feel that many “youth” sites offer these days.