Iaˆ™m a sag lady, crazy about my personal Leo people. Heaˆ™s therefore nice as he really wants to getting.

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Iaˆ™m a sag lady, crazy about my personal Leo people. Heaˆ™s therefore nice as he really wants to getting.

I am a leo woman and in the morning madly in deep love with a Sagittarius guy. For me we are an ideal match. I donaˆ™t need strive become myself personally everything drops normally. He brings me the thing I wanted so perform we. Personally I think we have been soul friends. We’re both flame signs and this is perfect. Never should a fire sign become with a water indication ! Water puts out FIRE ! very a huge NO NO to Scorpios, Cancerians and Pisces !

Geminis are like a box chock-full of DVDs without label..where as Leos are like a desk chock-full of tasty products but a shrimp for for eating they with.

His comments are honest. Heaˆ™s a beneficial listener and enthusiast.

Heaˆ™s hot as hell! The intercourse, OMG!! Im gaga relating to this man.Heaˆ™s so excellent in my opinion..i simply need assistance with trying to not ever harmed his attitude using my brutal, unintentional sincerity. They can feel excessively sincetive and pouty often times, however stronger and constantly in charge of himself..Someone help me end hurtting my personal booboos ego *:(

am variety of confusedaˆ¦ i`ve got alot of heartbreak andi need to know the kind of chap appropriate me

I will be a Sagittarius (Nov. 22nd!!) i will be on a cusp but nevertheless have always been a SAG and all of the attributes apply at me personally completely. I’d positively need say that each of my suitable indications (Aries, Libra, Leo & Aquarius) are definitely appropriate me. Any chap that I have REALLY liked have-been these evidence. I have however as of yet an Aquarius though. My longest connection was with a Leo and in addition we comprise completely crazy. The guy tended to appear and disappear much, suddenly or need, not to mention myself becoming as forgiving when I am got forgiven your many, many times, until eventually I labeled as they quits and from now on he or she is head-over-heels in my situation and that I wonaˆ™t just take your back! But our very own commitment got extremely intimate, and we also spoke for hours and days. He was my bestfriend, we had been a great deal alike it absolutely was insane. We dated a Libra on and off for almost per year, as well as the end of they learned he was online dating another girl the whole opportunity. Through the entire connection, though, we had gotten along really well along with some fun along. The issue beside me is he could NEVER constitute find sugar daddy online free his mind! All i desired was reality, a straight answer, about what the guy wanted from myself, and he could never let me know. Of course, are a Sagittarius, I just wanted the reality, they troubled me. So, I never dependable your which is exactly why. The intercourse had been amazing though.. the most effective We have hadaˆ¦ In my opinion thataˆ™s exactly what stored all of us together.. I dated a Taurus and indeed, he had been devoted, but very posessive, self pitying and whiny, also spoken of themselves constantly. I really like Virgoaˆ™s. Canceraˆ™s include ok except they can be a little humdrum. You will find however as of yet a Pisces, Capricorn or Scorpio. Have actually pals of the indications but no biochemistry. The man Im speaking with now could be an Aries and then he is really defensive and male, we have alongside so well and all of our personalities are incredibly a great deal identical. If we actually ever argue, we take it gently and forgive within minutes. The two of us bring tempers making this good for the each of us. I really like just how protective they are, and just how the guy donaˆ™t seem sensitive and painful but the guy genuinely is actually. We have but up to now, but i really hope it can go someplace.

Im an aries guy just who found this wonderful sag woman we become along sooo better, she came into this world 11-27, We have never ever satisfied anybody i’ve really in common. She is therefore most caring anything like me. I believe the woman is the only for me.

I am furthermore a sagittarius born dec.21st. My first date is a capicorn he had been really sweet.kind. And adoring. I enjoy Aries never ever dispute. battle. Or everything because procedure. But I additionally agree totally that Aries bring a poor temper. Aquarius men seem really knowledge regardless. Seems as if they are aware what your going right on through as of whether they have had the experience as well. Leo guys are frequently really appealing inside my vision. Ive hardly ever really had gotten seriouse because of this one leo guy. I simply talked to your. He seems friendly but freakishly freaky. geminis is woah YIKES fantastic pple omgee they’ve been very appealing in conjunction with you SAGGITARIUS thus yuup i have alot of evidence 2 looks 4ward

They believe your life try thereaˆ™s they will have emotional problems i simply donaˆ™t like all of them muthafuckers all banged upwards.

Well Iaˆ™m a Sagittarius woman Dec.8th an i do believe Virgos is our worst signal. They truly are controls freaks jelious as hell possessive reduced self confidence. They donaˆ™t like all of our liberty enjoying tactics these are typically most foreseeable they donaˆ™t like change all the the male is loners straight up assholes they donaˆ™t kno just how to have actually a relationship things are about them these include set in their unique steps and no one can changes them .oh they’re over opinionated they feel they kno every damn thi

OMG EVERYTHING YOU GIRLS SAID THE FOLLOWING IS therefore AUTHENTIC! I became created regarding 2nd of december and every thing above actually relates to me personally!

Unfortuitously for my situation, I appear to be interested in merely taurus guys. When you suspected they, I acquired broken virtually one after another. I guess i starred it the wrong method but oh wells, I truly like him a decent amount.

Besides, we apparently bring in merely scorpios and scorpio men are actually I think, irritating. These are generally very affectionate yet it certainly makes you feeling accountable at exactly the same time as you canaˆ™t reciprocate, or should i say i do not require to reciprocate. Also it begins to irks you a decent amount.

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